What makes us unique?

In the past, present and future, identity is needed to make a difference with the others, unique identity can give a good impact. Therefore, we can make a difference through strategy and knowledge that fit for you, your company, a difference that becomes a beneficial thing.

About Us

We are a company that focuses on the field of brand strategy, design & digital. Established in Jakarta, Indonesia, our multi-talented people have passion, love and knowledge in the world of branding, design and digital. We have strength in our services to give the best of our knowledge & skills for you. Therefore, we offer the best services to give the impact that your company need.


To win a battle, one should understand the battlefield thoroughly. Seratus provides services to define the market, know the competitor and explore ...

Strategy to Win

Given the strategic portrait of your business, Seratus able to formulate the right action plan to achieve your business objective. Seratus can ...


Excellent action plan is useless without flawless execution. Seratus is expert in ensuring your strategic proposition is well delivered to the consumer ...


What is equally important but often forgotten by company is the evaluation of your action. Without proper evaluation, company is vulnerable on ...
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